Agile simulation means the operational freedom to use training technology exactly as you need. Cursive specialises in the expert provision of the right software and equipment to deliver synthetic training that complements the live environment - accelerating and reinforcing individual and team development. We work with a wide range of government, defence and private sector organisations, to provide the perfect training environments.


We have extensive experience in the design, development and delivery of simulators and subsystems. Past projects range from cars to helicopters, and gunnery to experimental vehicles. We provide the tools to conduct highly effective and flexible synthetic training.


We supply and support a carefully chosen selection of off-the-shelf products to enable rapid development of professional simulation solutions. These range from technical components and 'bare-bones' simulators to fully integrated ready-for-training solutions.


Our clients trust us to design, deliver and maintain specialist systems, from part task trainers to multi-domain distributed simulation environments and from virtual maintenance training to portable mixed-reality systems. We are well versed in managing the technical and commercial complexities of large projects, and specialise in providing expertise and cohesion between suppliers, partners and customers.